Executive, or leadership, coaching is a highly personalized process that can further develop  and strengthen your leadership and professional skills.This process can be undertaken at any stage of career by leveraging your strengths and addressing gaps to increase success in your career, business or organization. Dr. Somjee works as a thought partner to build critical, actionable skills for individuals and teams, and translates the latest information in psychology, leadership, business, diversity/inclusion and organizational functioning, to best practices.

Typical client objectives can include:
  • Optimizing effectiveness as an employee, leader or business owner
  • Needing guidance in making a change professionally
  • Improving communication
  • Leading a team
  • Creative leadership during challenging times
  • Managing professional relationships or workplace politics
  • Guiding change within an organization or department
  • Improving team functioning
  • Support in strategic planning
  • Creating healthier organizational culture
  • Improving structure and membership of boards

Please note Executive Coaching services are not the same as psychotherapy services, and are not covered by insurance.

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Coaching Process

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting

Creating inclusive work environments is critical to harnessing talent and developing robust and innovative organizations.  Dr. Somjee has had 20 years of experience in diversity work and partners with organizations to facilitate implement strategic DEI strategic planning, using best practices.

If you are interested in Executive Coaching or DEI consulting services, or have questions, please fill out the form below. Or feel free to call 845-380-2945.

Leadership Intensive For Professionals Of Color

This is an innovative program for POC (Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi, Black/African-American, Latinix + Native American), interested in unlocking career potential and advancing career development.  The program is geared towards emerging and mid-career leaders, combining executive coaching and skill building.  For more details, please contact us. Please note this program can be delivered virtually.

If you are interested in Executive Coaching services, or have questions, please fill out the form below. Or feel free to call 845-380-2945.

*** Please note if you are interested in psychotherapy, or are a current patient, do not fill out this form. Such queries will not be responded to. Instead please call the office at the number above to speak with Dr. Somjee. Thank you!

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